About my blog(s)

hanginguptodry_canvaWhen we paint, we hang our pictures up to dry – simples! Only I’m a digital painter and with ‘artworks’ getting dusty on the hard drive, this is my virtual gallery space. It also enables me to sort through and trial what works when it comes to printing.

Expect to see London landmarks, cityscapes, green urban spaces and a peppering of English land and seascapes.

Much of the time I use Smart Photo Editor which has an overwhelming array of pre-prepared effects (many of them quite useless) though I tend to use just a small, selection of favourites. Edit layers are kept to a minimum (as its easy to overdo the changes) and by tagging the main ones in each post, I’m able to keep track of the processing for future reference.

Apologies to all purists out there – genuine artists are probably agin the fauxness of digital art but there can clearly be no competition – only emulation and sheer admiration. Photographers might also deride post-camera tweaks and since I’m aiming to improve my basic skills here, I only use those of my images which make suitable subjects or are not quite good enough to stand alone.


Best shots are reserved for my photoblog @ eljaygee


Thoughts and words predominate @ Tell Tale Therapy

Having so many balls in the air can be challenging but I manage to juggle my time between each blog. Followers are not inundated because I only post as and when so do join me in any or all of my blog manifestations.



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